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Lowell, MA Pediatric Care

Lowell, MA Pediatric Care

Parents residing in Lowell, MA and surrounding areas need to be aware of the quality pediatric care available to their children. Finding quality care for a child can be hard. Parents may find that they have to change pediatricians a few times before they find one that they trust for their child.

Cardinal Pediatrics offers the pediatric care that you as a parent will trust. The staff is well trained, courteous and concerned about the health of your child. If English is not your first language to speak, you'll be pleased to know that this pediatric care center offers seven different languages. The office is near Lowell General Hospital, making it convenient in case of a serious emergency.

Newborns are treated with extra care as this pediatric center offers private rooms for newborns. The private room allows the newborns to be separated from other children for their protection. The pediatrician is going to spend the time needed to ensure a thorough exam is done. As a parent, you are going to find the private newborn area comfortable and cozy. You'll be pleased with the pediatric care your newborn experiences.

Your child will have quality wellness care to make sure that they have no problems seeing and hearing. Children as young as newly born can have their hearing and eyes checked. It can be determined if they have issues and if they do, they can be referred to the proper specialist. Warts as well as staples and sutures can be removed right there in the pediatric office. When it's time for your child's vaccinations, you can have them done by your favorite pediatrician at Cardinal. Concussion screening anemia and lead screening can be done as well.

As your child grows up, her pediatrician may request private consultations as needed regarding pregnancy or sexually related topics such as STI's. You can trust your pediatrician to provide the care and the confidentiality you want for your teen. No matter what age your child is, you can expect nothing but the best pediatric care for them at Cardinal.

Feel free to make an appointment for your child. The center also offers same-day sick visits by simply calling the office. If your child becomes ill after office hours, the staff can be reached 24/7. If you're an expecting parent, make an appointment for a consultation to discuss your future pediatric care for your newborn. New patients are welcome as well. You'll love to know that telemedicine is also available for certain issues such as filling medicines, medical check-ins and chronic management. This team is trained to take care of all of the services provided to give your child the best care possible.

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