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Suture Removal Specialist

Cardinal Pediatrics

Pediatrics located in Lowell, MA & Chelmsford, MA

If your child has sutures (stitches) because of a soft tissue injury and needs them removed, turn to Cardinal Pediatrics in Lowell and Chelmsford, Massachusetts. The skilled pediatrics team offers staple and suture removal after your child’s wound has healed. Call the office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.

Suture Removal Q & A

What is suture removal?

Sutures (stitches) are medical threads that a provider uses to stitch torn skin together. If your child sustains a soft tissue wound, a provider may use sutures or staples. Staples are made of metals or similar materials, and are often used to stitch larger wounds closed.

Suture removal at Cardinal Pediatrics is a procedure in which your child’s specialist removes sutures (stitches) or staples from your child’s skin. The pediatrics team makes this procedure as painless as possible in a warm, welcoming environment and helps your child feel at ease.

Some stitches dissolve on their own over time, which means you don’t have to return to the office to have them removed. The Cardinal Pediatrics team lets you know if your child needs in-office suture removal after receiving stitches or staples.

Why might my child need sutures?

Your child may need stitches or staples because of a laceration, puncture wound, or another type of soft tissue wound. Minor wounds usually heal independently, without sutures, but larger wounds could need stitches or staples to heal properly. 

If you’re unsure whether your child needs sutures, call the Cardinal Pediatrics office, and friendly providers can happily assist you over the phone.

What happens during suture removal?

During suture or staple removal, the experts at Cardinal Pediatrics numb the treatment area when necessary. They gently and carefully pull sutures out of your child’s skin, making the experience enjoyable and comfortable.

What should I expect after the procedure?

After suture removal, follow your provider’s post-care instructions. Your child can resume a normal daily routine immediately after the procedure. They may have a scar that fades away over time. 

Keep the treatment area clean and dry. Your provider might recommend topical creams that reduce the risk of infection or diminish the appearance of scarring.

If your child experiences a soft tissue injury in the future and you think they need sutures or staples, call the Cardinal Pediatrics office to arrange an appointment for an expert evaluation or use the online booking feature today. 

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