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Wart Treatment Specialist

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Warts are highly contagious and can be painful, depending on their size and location. If your child develops warts, you can rely on safe and effective wart treatment at Cardinal Pediatrics. The team has years of experience safely and painlessly eliminating warts. If your child needs to have warts removed, call the office in Lowell or Chelmsford, Massachusetts, or book an appointment online today.

Wart Treatment Q & A

Why does my child need wart treatment?

Warts develop when the human papillomavirus (HPV) gets through an open area in the skin, such as a cut or sore. In many cases, your child's immune system fights off the virus, but if the virus takes hold, a wart grows. Warts do not put your child at risk for cancer.

Though some warts may go away on their own, most children need treatment to get rid of the growth. Beyond eliminating a bothersome and unattractive growth, warts can be painful.

The virus that causes warts is also contagious. You may decide to seek treatment to prevent warts from spreading, whether to other areas on your child or to another person.

What type of wart might my child have?

The type of wart determines its appearance and where it appears on your child's body. They may have:

Common warts

These are classic warts that usually grow on hands, fingers, feet, and around nails. Common warts are rough and scaly and may range in size from tiny to the size of a pea.

Plantar warts

Plantar warts grow on the bottom of your child's feet. They can get large and grow deep into the skin, which makes them painful.

Flat warts

These warts are small and smooth, but 20-100 of them grow together in one area and can cause a large group. Flat warts typically grow on the forehead and cheeks.

Filiform warts

Filiform warts usually appear on your child's face, where they resemble long threads and may have a spiky appearance.

What type of wart treatment will my child need?

Cardinal Pediatrics recommends the best wart treatment based on your child's age and tolerance for medications and procedures. They also consider the type and size of the wart and its expected growth.

Your treatment options include one or more of the following:

  • Applying topical chemicals or medicines
  • Freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen
  • Using an electrical current to destroy the wart
  • Cutting out the wart

Some children may need more than one topical treatment to completely eliminate the wart. If your child has an especially deep plantar wart or extensive warts on their face, your Cardinal Pediatrics provider may refer you to a podiatrist or dermatologist.

If your child needs wart treatment, call Cardinal Pediatrics, or schedule an appointment online today.

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