Well Child Exam Schedule

Preventative care is the number one way to ensure the health and development of your child. Well child visits enable the provider to track the growth and development of your child, as well as provide an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. We recommend regular well visits as outlined in the below schedule. (* indicates visits with vaccines - please see recommended schedule; ꟸ indicates visits with recommended routine lab work)

  • 2-3 Days

  • 2 Weeks

  • 1 Month*

  • 2 Months*

  • 4 Months*

  • 6 Months*

  • 9 Months*ꟸ

  • 12 Months*

  • 15 Months*

  • 18 Months*

  • 2 Yearsꟸ

  • 3 Yearsꟸ

  • 4 Years*ꟸ

  • 5 Yearsꟸ

  • 6 Years

  • 7 Years

  • 8 Years

  • 9 Yearsꟸ

  • 10 Years

  • 11 Years*

  • 12 Years

  • 13 Years

  • 14 Years

  • 15 Years

  • 16 Years*

  • 17 Years

  • 18 + Years

Sick Visits

We offer same-day sick appointments and do our best to accommodate our families. To schedule, please call our office number during regular business hours. If your child becomes ill while the office is closed, we are available on call 24/7. Call our office, and our answering service will forward the message to the on call provider. Our providers will return your call within the hour. 

Prenatal Consults

We welcome expectant families to come and visit our office before having the newborn. We offer prenatal consults to allow families to come and meet our providers and staff and familiarize themselves with our location. Our prenatal consults can be scheduled Monday through Thursday at the end of our regular working hours. We look forward to meeting you!

New Patient Consults

Finding a new primary care for your child and family can be a daunting task. We try to make this transition seamless, and offer new patient consults. This enables the family to meet our providers and staff prior to making a health related appointment. New patient consults can be scheduled Monday through Thursday at the end of our regular working hours.


We now offer telemedicine. This provides a way for us to connect through video chat right on your phone. We are able to manage medication refills, chronic illness management, and medical check-ins. The cost to the patient is insurance dependent.

Pre-op Appointments

These appointments are physical exam specific to clear the patient for any operative procedure.

ADHD Evaluation

Prior to this evaluation, we ask that the parent and teacher of a patient fill out their Vanderbuilt Questionnaires. At this appointment we score and review these forms with the parent and patient. We then discuss diagnosis and possible treatment avenues that will promote patient success.