Newborns - Congratulations!!!

What To Do Before Your Baby's Birth

Please call our office to familiarize yourself with our providers, staff, the location of our office. We offer prenatal consults to allow you to meet our providers and staff and see our office. The prenatal consult is not mandatory; we are happy to accept newborns with or without one. Once your baby is born, notify us and register your child to make the first appointment.​

How To Register Your Newborn With Our Office

Once your baby has been born, please call our office to schedule a newborn appointment. While on the phone the secretary will bring you through the registration process. We prefer to have the newborn appointment scheduled for 1-3 days after discharge from the hospital


Once you have your newborn appointment set up, the next step is to contact your insurance company to start your new baby’s insurance. When doing this, inform your insurance company of our practice name and the Primary Care Provider’s name. (We require insurance to be active by the 2 week follow up visit.)

Hospital Affiliation

Lowell General Hospital and Tufts Floating Hospital